Kennan Hunter


Hi, my name is Kennan Hunter and I'm a passionate self taught developer living in Bloomington Indiana. I mostly work on Full Stack Web Development. I've written on various programming topics at my Blog.



  • Svelte
  • JS/Typescript
  • Linux Logo Linux
  • Python


  • React
  • Rust
  • Java
  • GraphQL



Photo is a simple and fast graphql image processing server that shifts heavy loads off of your users device. Written in memory-safe Rust its speedy and demands nothing from your server.

Red Panda LMS

Red Panda was a Learning Management Solution I built for the 2021-2022 TSA Software Development Competition. With my team we won first place for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Link Shortener

A simple link shortener I built for my subdomain It uses Cloudflare Workers and KV to deliver redirect responses at blazingly fast speeds.
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